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Harassment on the Job in Georgia Is Illegal!

What’s more important to the success of any Georgia business than a constructive work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment of any kind? Employees who feel empowered to meet and exceed their job responsibilities can have a tremendous collective impact on the economy of the state and the country. And U.S. employers must provide employees with equal opportunity for advancement and equal pay under the law.

What’s the environment like where you work? Are promotions and raises truly based on job performance, or are there unwritten requirements you must meet to move ahead? If your boss has made it clear that your promotion is on hold until you have sex with him or her, you may have a case of sexual harassment.

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission states that harassment is unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. In addition, the Georgia Secretary of State addresses prevention by advising employers in the state to have both an anti‑discrimination and a non-harassment policy that includes:

  • Not only guidance about sexual harassment, but also religious, gender and racial harassment.
  • A well-defined process for employees to report harassment and a means for employees to circumvent his or her immediate manager.
  • A stipulation ensuring that the company will not put up with retaliation against employees who file a harassment complaint.

To some, an occasional racial slur or off-color joke may not be that serious. However, if this goes on continuously and you are feeling intimidated by your colleagues or management, you should talk to a Georgia law firm that focuses on labor and employment law. No one should have to tolerate discrimination on the job.

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