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Racial Discrimination

An Overview of Racial Discrimination in Suwanee and Beyond

Georgia employment law firm highlights discrimination and Supreme Court decisions

The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. discusses key historical events surrounding discrimination of race, including related Supreme Court decisions.

Historical origins of racial discrimination

Racial discrimination in the United States has a long history heavily marked with either racism against Native Americans, or the act of bringing slaves into this country, starting in the 1600’s. One of the most blatant racism actions of America was slavery being sanctioned by law in 1664. Slaves were used primarily for agricultural labor but also worked in shipyards and docks or as domestic servants. Millions of slaves were freed in 1865, after the passage of the 13th Amendment.

Relevant acts Supreme Court decisions regarding discrimination

Some notable acts of Congress and Supreme Court decisions include:

  • Brown v. Board of Education — An influential milestone in the American civil rights movement was the Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, which, along with widespread protests, forced desegregation of schools.
  • Bailey v. Patterson — In 1962, the court decided against racial segregation of interstate and intrastate transportation facilities, such as buses and trains.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 — a federal law that outlawed racial segregation in public places, schools, and employment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, created as a direct result, continues fighting racial prejudice in the workplace. Title VII of this act is heavily referred to in workplace harassment and discrimination cases.

Experienced racial discrimination attorneys give you the guidance and information you need to determine how to proceed with your case.

What is international racial prejudice?

Race discrimination cases do not just exist in the United States. Racial prejudice can happen anywhere with devastating consequences. Outside of the United States, one of the worst eras of racism took place during Hitler’s dictatorship. More than 6 million Jews died in concentration and extermination camps directly related to Hitler’s rule.

A free initial phone consultation provides legal guidance on race prejudice

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