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Being fired or passed over for a promotion for reasons having nothing to do with your qualifications or experience can be devastating. If the decision is grounded in bias involving a legally protected personal characteristic, that’s against the law. Drawing on more than three decades of experience handling discrimination cases, The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Alpharetta is the go-to firm when you need excellent legal counsel for employment-related matters. Attorney K.P. Reddy has a proven track record of achieving strong results for Georgia workers in discrimination cases involving mistreatment based on age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race and other protected characteristics. 

Race and ethnicity discrimination

In some cases, racial discrimination is obvious, such as when a supervisor uses ethnic slurs. However, this type of bias is often much more subtle and harder to prove. If you are consistently left out of meetings relating to your work responsibilities, are passed over for raises or promotions that go to others with similar qualifications or notice that your boss favors workers who are the same race or ethnicity as them, these could be signs of discrimination. It is beneficial to document these incidents to help build your case. As an experienced employment lawyer, K.P. Reddy understands the complexities of proving discriminatory practices and provides vigorous representation to victims of mistreatment based on race, color, ethnicity and national origin. 

Sex discrimination

It is unlawful to be treated unfairly at work because of your sex. One obvious example of gender discrimination is when female employees receive lower wages than male counterparts working in the same jobs and having the same qualifications. Crude sexual comments and pressure to date a boss are other examples of gender-based bias. If you believe you were subject to sex discrimination, we can advise you about steps to take toward proving it and counsel you about your options for compensation through a settlement or other remedy.  

Age discrimination

Even though workers age 40 and over are protected from age discrimination by state and federal laws, ageism is still prevalent in a significant number of workplaces. Some signs of it include when older workers:

  • Are consistently passed over for opportunities in favor of younger employees
  • Are subjected to stereotypical comments about their technological capabilities 
  • Are excluded from social events organized by superiors.
  • Are targeted unfairly during company layoffs

Our firm conducts comprehensive investigations when age-related discrimination is suspected. We offer strong advice and advocacy if you believe you suffered an adverse job action simply because of your age. 

Disability discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for workers with physical or mental impairments who can still handle their job responsibilities. If you didn’t get a job, got fired or were refused the assistance you needed to complete your workplace responsibilities, we can advise you about filing a discrimination claim. Our skilled employment and labor lawyer helps workers with disabilities resolve reasonable accommodation disputes and holds companies accountable for their failure to comply with the ADA.

Sexual harassment

Unwanted advances, pressure for sexual favors by a manager in order to keep a job, the posting of explicit images and other forms of sexual harassment are prohibited by law. We perform in-depth examinations to get to the truth of sexual harassment claims and advocate for victims in in legal actions against perpetrators and the businesses that enable them. 

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