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Employment Discrimination

Alpharetta employment discrimination

Employment discrimination can affect whether a prospective employee is even considered for a position regardless of his or her qualifications for the position. Once hired, discrimination can target an employee in his or her job assignments, promotions, compensation, wages and termination. While discrimination may be intentional due to prejudice, it can also be unintentional due to pure ignorance.

Common types of workplace discrimination

Employment laws are meant to protect the rights of employees in their workplaces and to restrict employers from certain actions, conditions and behaviors that threaten these rights. According to these laws, it is prohibited for an employer to discriminate against employees on the basis of:

  • Age — When qualified employees over the age of 40 are denied opportunities, replaced by younger employees because of age or forced to resign or transfer, it may be a sign that age discrimination is at play.
  • Race — Race discrimination occurs when employees are denied opportunities or treated negatively due to racial reasons. It is prohibited.
  • Gender — Gender discrimination historically resulted in lower wages for women, although this was prohibited in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and is now illegal.
  • Sexual orientation — The sexual orientation of an employee should not determine his or her pay, training, transfer, promotion or other workplace considerations. This is prohibited.
  • Religion and ethnicity — The religious and ethnic backgrounds of employees should never determine the hiring, compensation, firing, promoting or other employee-related issues handled by the employer.

Why is employment discrimination bad?

Employment discrimination has been barred by various legislative acts in American history because of the inappropriateness of such behavior in professional environments. In many cases, discrimination targets characteristics of individuals that are irrelevant to the performance of a job. Skills, qualifications and professional experiences are qualities that affect the employment capacities of people and are markers of success that must be obtained and earned over time.

Discrimination in the workplace is not only unjust and unfair but it also fails to acknowledge and respect employees for their professional qualifications, which were proactively earned.

Let an Alpharetta employment discrimination attorney fight for your rights

Even though Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws exist and affirmative action programs are in place to guide them, employment discrimination is still a common issue in the workplace. While the civil movements during the past several decades have resulted in a much more tolerant and open-minded America, discrimination remains a major problem in employment.

An employment discrimination lawyer can inform you of your legal rights as an employee and provide you with legal counsel, helping you fight for your rights. As an employment discrimination lawyer in Atlanta with more than 30 years of experience handling cases, K.P. Reddy has the knowledge necessary to help you navigate the process of filing a workplace discrimination claim.

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