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Corporate and Shareholder Disputes

Alpharetta Lawyer Represents Parties in Corporate and Shareholder Disputes  

Georgia law firm advises clients regarding conflicts over alleged mismanagement

You buy shares in a company because you expect a good return on your investment. But when corporate directors and officers act fraudulently or negligently, it can negatively affect the company’s bottom line and hurt you financially. The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Alpharetta counsels shareholders on their rights, including the right to take legal action when fellow owners or corporate officers are not fulfilling their responsibilities. No matter how complex the issues might be, Georgia Attorney K.P. Reddy provides effective, insightful representation to parties involved in shareholder disputes.   

Shareholder rights and responsibilities

Shareholders have the authority to monitor company performance and oversee how companies are managed. As investors in companies, they can review financial records and other documentation in order to make informed votes on issues critical to the corporation. These rights and responsibilities shape how shareholder meetings are conducted. For example, there are required notice periods for upcoming meetings and established rules concerning voting procedures, including proxy voting, remote participation and other matters. If you believe your rights as a shareholder have been violated, experienced corporate and business lawyer K.P. Reddy can help you determine how to best address the situation. From there, our firm is prepared to advocate for you during settlement negotiations or, if necessary, at trial.   

Corporate governance policies

Proper corporate governance policies encourage sound practices and establish fair processes for when a problem or conflict arises. With a strong framework in place, company executives and boards of directors have the tools they need to protect your interests as a shareholder. Corporate governance policies can address board composition, board committees, executive compensation, corporate responsibility to the community and various other concerns. Poor corporate governance can harm a company’s operations, its reputation and brand image, and ultimately ruin its profitability. If you believe that a business where you are stakeholder lacks a strong system of governance, or that leaders are not following internal rules, you may be able to seek redress as a shareholder.  

Legal remedies in cases of fraud and negligence

If corporate misconduct or fraud impacts you as a shareholder, or your rights as such are violated, it is in your interests to determine what legal remedies you may have. One such remedy could be a derivative suit, which is a claim brought by a shareholder or shareholders on behalf of the company against corporate officers or directors for breaching their duties. These suits may be filed to protect a company’s interests when officers fail to take legal action themselves. Damage awards would typically go to the company, not individual shareholders. Shareholders also have the right to bring direct suits against corporate leadership whose malfeasance has caused them to incur damages. We will counsel you about your options based on the facts of the situation. 

Contact a well-informed Georgia lawyer who safeguards shareholders’ rights

Attorney K.P. Reddy at The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Alpharetta advises corporate shareholders in Georgia regarding their rights and options when legal issues arise. Call 678-629-3246 or contact us online to schedule a free phone consultation. 

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