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Whistleblower Retaliation

Alpharetta Whistleblower Retaliation Lawyer

Georgia firm asserts the rights of employees who report workplace misconduct

Were you demoted at work, harassed or dismissed after voicing concerns about unethical or illegal activities or employment practices? If so, you may be a victim of whistleblower retaliation. Whistleblowing is a legal protected activity, and you cannot be punished in retaliation for reporting workplace misconduct. At The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Alpharetta, Attorney K.P. Reddy has spent over three decades standing up for workers against unfair actions by public and private employers. Our firm represents clients throughout Georgia. 

Retaliatory termination and demotion

If you believe you were fired or demoted as a result of whistleblowing, you may have legal recourse through a lawsuit or administrative claim. Though companies often try to provide innocent excuses for adverse job actions against employees who report misconduct, if you recently noted a problem or testified in an investigation, retaliation could be the true motive. This might occur for someone who has always received top performance reviews, but then gets a poor review and demotion after citing a problem in the workplace. Our law firm can examine the evidence and advise you about next steps to take.   

Harassment and intimidation of whistleblowers

Retaliation is not always as obvious as being fired. Harassment and intimidation are often used to punish whistleblowers and discourage further reporting of wrongdoing. It can manifest as your supervisor or manager doing the following:

  • Calling you derogatory names
  • Making jokes at your expense
  • Shaming you in front of your peers
  • Threatening you 
  • Spreading negative rumors about you

If you believe you are being mistreated because you reported your employer’s misconduct, we can help you identify whether the actions against you are the foundation for a whistleblower retaliation claim. It is valuable to make notes specifying the dates, times and circumstances of harassment or intimidation to demonstrate a pattern of retaliation.  

Negative employment actions

Other negative employment actions that could be due to you blowing the whistle include:

  • Having your hours or pay suddenly cut
  • Being passed over for raises or promotions
  • Being moved into a less favorable job
  • Having benefits taken away or denied 
  • Being left out of meetings applicable to your job
  • Being denied training opportunities 

When you are the target of unjustified actions such as these, our dedicated employment lawyer will counsel you about your options for obtaining legal relief.    

How to file a claim

We can file your whistleblower retaliation claim. Once we meet with you and learn the details of your matter, we will thoroughly investigate the situation and file the complaint on your behalf if warranted by the facts. Attorney K.P. Reddy will seek to negotiate a fair settlement with your employer. If that is not possible, we will counsel you about resolving your case in an administrative proceeding or lawsuit. Our law firm has extensive experience successfully handling whistleblower litigation cases.

Contact our Georgia law firm for counsel on a whistleblower retaliation claim 

The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. represents Georgia workers who are retaliated against by employers for reporting illegal or improper conduct in the workplace. You can arrange a free consultation with our law firm by calling 678-629-3246 or contacting us online. Our office is in Alpharetta.  

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