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Nationality and Ethnic Discrimination

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Ethnic discrimination is often included under the umbrella of racial discrimination. The two are connected, but ethnic discrimination is a separate action and is based on one’s cultural, religious, linguistic or national origin. The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience and knowledge about nationality and ethnic discrimination cases and provides you with valuable information and legal guidance.

How do you know if you were the victim of national origin discrimination?

National origin discrimination results when one is treated poorly and unfairly because of one’s home country or region, ethnicity, accent or appearance. Discrimination can also stem from one’s association with or marriage to a person of a specific national origin, or connection with an ethic group or organization. Employers are prohibited from implementing policies or business practices that discriminate because of a person’s national origin or ethnicity unless the policy is necessary to safe and efficient business operations and is not based on malice or discriminatory intent. Employers cannot refuse to hire an employee based on their accent unless it significantly impairs or interferes with the employee’s ability to perform his or her job. Frequent, offensive and severe harassment can lead to a hostile work environment, affecting you both professionally and personally.

Understanding the difference between race and ethnicity

Racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination are similar causes of action, but each has its own unique definition. Race is based on the specific physical characteristics of a group of people with a common ancestry. Racial indicators include, among other things:

  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Skin color
  • Bone structure

One’s ethnicity is determined by one’s beliefs, religious practices, cultural and national characteristics, language and sense of identity. Race can be an aspect of ethnicity, and in many cases race may be used as a marker of ethnicity. Discrimination based on any of these markers is unacceptable, and should be handled with care by a skilled and proven attorney.

What is citizenship discrimination?

Citizenship discrimination is based on an individual’s citizenship status or immigration status. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) prohibits employers from discriminating against prospective and current employees based on their citizenship. Employees may not restrict hiring to only United States citizens and must accept legal documentation of employment eligibility unless a specific law or government contract states otherwise.

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