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Can Mediation Help You?

Mediation is the process in which an impartial third party helps to resolve a dispute between two or more parties. The disputants themselves come to a mutually agreed upon conclusion on how the case will be settled and the neutral third-party mediator helps to facilitate the settlement process. The parties involved can be states, unions, organizations, companies, individuals or any other representatives who not only have an issue to be settled but who also have a vested interest in the result.

If you are involved in a labor law dispute, mediation can be a very useful alternative. The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia can help you mediate your case rather than go through a lengthy, expensive court battle. K.P. Reddy is an experienced employment law mediator who has been practicing law for more than 20 years and is very knowledgeable of all aspects of Atlanta’s labor laws.

Mediation can be very beneficial to parties seeking resolution of their labor law dispute. Some of the benefits to mediation are:

  • The process takes less time for the parties involved
  • It is a much cheaper solution than taking the case to a court trial
  • It is strictly confidential, while court appearances are public
  • It can offer a flexible and mutual agreement to the dispute where both parties agree, rather than a settlement that is forced by a judge or jury

Mediation can be used to resolve a variety of workplace disputes such as harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, labor management and workplace grievances.

Attorney K.P. Reddy can help

If you have any questions about employment law mediation or if you are seeking an alternative way to resolve your labor claim, contact The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. in Atlanta. Attorney K.P. Reddy can provide you with any mediation assistance you need.

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