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How Georgia Senate Bill 362 Might Affect Union Formation

Passed in one house and awaiting review in the other, Georgia Senate Bill 362 potentially could discourage union membership among businesses within the state. The bill aims to prevent businesses from collecting certain state-funded economic development benefits unless their employees’ decision to join a union is made through a secret ballot. Many legislators and business leaders believe that union membership would drop significantly without the public “card check” process that is used in many workplaces. 

Much of the conflict over Senate Bill 362 involves charges by each side that the other is exploiting their preferred method of union recognition to intimidate workers. Labor groups argue that secret ballot requirements open the door for companies that seek to coerce individual employees through threats or inducements. This can make it more difficult for unions to organize, potentially harming workers’ collective bargaining rights and their ability to advocate for better wages and working conditions.

Proponents claim that enacting the law would promote employee choice and protect individuals who might not want to join a union but feel pressured by their co-workers or union leaders. Additionally, they suggest that the bill establishes a level playing field for businesses that don’t require union membership, making them more competitive in attracting economic development incentives.

Under the proposed legislation, businesses seeking certain economic development incentives, such as tax breaks or job training grants, would be ineligible if they recognize unions through a process other than a secret ballot election. The bill now awaits potential action by the Georgia House of Representatives. 

SB 362 is just one method of discouraging labor groups. If you’re looking to organize or require assistance with a legal matter relating to an existing union, don’t hesitate to speak with a proven labor and employment attorney. These issues can be extremely complex and contentious, so it is vital to have strong counsel by your side. 

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