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Georgia Jobless Rate Dips: Hope for Jobs Ahead

In an improvement paralleled across the country, the jobless rate in Georgia in February dipped to its lowest level since January 2009. With more jobs in Georgia and throughout the nation, hope rises for economic recovery after years of recessionary hardship. Improved job opportunities may also diminish discrimination against those hardest hit by job loss in recent years.

As creation and restoration of jobs improves employment numbers, it may also reduce the increase in discrimination claims made by applicants in recent years that were rejected by employers due to overly broad background checks.

With the stark job loss experienced across the United States since 2007, employers have gone lean, reducing the workforce and making their choice from a pool of often over-qualified job applicants. With data mining techniques, highly selective hiring processes have fueled claims of discriminatory practices against applicants due to race, national origin or arrest record.

Some states have enacted legislation to prohibit potential employers from prying into applicant background information like credit reports and social media. In a recent news release, the American Bar Association (ABA) highlighted differences between the European Union (EU) and the United States in protecting the privacy of employees when seeking employment.

According to the report, approximately 80 percent of American employers use background checks to screen applicants. The ABA noted EU governments focus on protection of individual privacy rather than opportunity for potential employers, as in the United States.

Job prospects and the economy seem to be on the upswing. If you believe you are suffering discrimination in the workplace — or in trying to get into the workplace — speak with an experienced employment attorney at The Reddy Law Firm, PC. The consultation is free.

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